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"After Kurt died, Billy came out to the Canyon Ranch and he like took care of me for a couple of days, but it wasn’t like sex. I kept trying to make him fuck me, but he wouldn’t fuck me. Everybody thinks we had something, but I was so fucking high that I would have made the maid fuck me. I was crazy! But Billy came out, and we drove around the desert, and he took me to a cave and held me. His wife was nice enough to let him go, and he was like MY FRIEND. But before that, I never had breakfast with him, I never woke up with him, I never saw him pee, I never had a burrito with him, I never went around the block holding hands with him. I fuck him, and I’d leave—that was it. That was our relationship, and then these songs came out of that."

-  Courtney Love (on her relationship with Billy Corgan)

(Source: carter-shagwell)


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